DMarsden92 on July 17th, 2013

Hubby finally finished setting up our camper on our permanent site.  He put a deck up so that we can walk out without stepping in dirt, or mud.  Well, a few weeks ago we had a storm roll through the campground we have our camper at.  We got a call telling us that our awning had been destroyed.  We immediately made arrangements to get down to the campground so that we could take care of whatever needed to be taken care of.  When we got to the campground we were advised that the rain came down so fast that a few campers had issues with different things.  After looking everything over we found that one side of the awning assembly had buckled causing everything else to fail.


Good thing we keep comprehensive on the camper.  We called Geico and made arrangements for them to come out and do an inspection.  After the inspection they gave us a check to get the repairs done.  We ordered a new awning because the arms were bent, the awning was ripped, and the front spring clamp assembly had also bent.  The new awning arrived in a 20 foot long tube.  I got a few of the people at the campground to give me some assistance putting the new awning in.  It was great to have an awning again.

Lesson to be taught… Make sure you have your camper awning pitched as much as possible when you aren’t at your camper.

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DMarsden92 on June 10th, 2013

For as many years as I have known my hubby’s uncle L I have seen him with a cigar whenever he can get one in.  When we go camping he always brings a box of cigars.  During his stay he seems to go through quite a few.  I have found that some of the guys that he plays horseshoes with tend to like cigars so they get some off of him.  He jokes around that the cigars bring him good luck, but we know the truth… He knows that his cigars are like a natural insect repellent.  We brought him a few catalogs that we get in the mail so that maybe he could find a cheap source for some good cigars.  One of the many ads that we get are for Davidoff cigars for sale.  He just tells us that he tries different brands, but usually sticks to one specific type.

Now that hubby has his ATV at his house, and the little one goes to practice her bow and arrow, and 22 rifle shooting we get to see him quite a bit.  We enjoy seeing uncle L when we do.  Now that we are at the campground till October we will see him a lot more than we have in some time.  He has other obligations so we understand why he can’t come up to the house anymore.

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DMarsden92 on June 10th, 2013

Last month our little one made her final decision that she didn’t want to continue playing soccer.  It upsets hubby and I, but we do want to be fair to our daughter by not forcing her to do something that she doesn’t want.  We made the agreement that she had to do some sort of activity.  She has been talking about the 4H for some months now.  We took her down to one of the years first 4H meetings for the Bowbenders.  In the Bowbenders she gets to shoot air rifles, bow and arrow, 22 caliber rifles, and shotguns.

We went out and bought her a fairly cheap compound bow so that she can practice when she is down at her uncles house.  This is because of our concern for safety.  In the group she is in she will be performing at the Ocean County Fair, and also helping out with publicizing about the 4H program.

She seems to like the 4H.  We have noticed that she is trying to become friends with many of the kids that are also in the program.

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